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Each missionary who serves in the jungle is dedicated full-time and exclusively to preach the gospel. Therefore, we make sure they receive a monthly stipend.

The stipend covers the most basic needs of our missionaries. In general, each couple of volunteer missionaries get $250.00 monthly

Church building

Having a place where the community can frequently meet to worship God is very important for families in the jungle. We are in charge of more than 440 communities where only 44 of them have a temple, so there are still many to build.

The construction of a temple in the jungle costs $ 7,500


The only accessible route to transport families in the jungle is through the rivers. The boats will be very helpful so that our missionaries can move around and perform several activities as well as ente- ring to new territories to evangelize.

The boats, which are needed by our missionaries, are built with materials from the zone whose manufacturing cost reach the amount of $ 1600.00


Due to the length of the zone where we work and the difficult access through the rivers, there are many remote communities where the transportation through the rivers have a high cost in terms of time, money and the consequences are even greater in health emergency cases. In this sense, having airplanes to serve the communities has great value that is why we need to have runways in order for them to enter.

The financial aid to make a landing strip is an investment in administrative procedures and mate- rials. Families of the communities contribute with their workforce.

Each landing strip has an investment of $ 3,000


We have two airplanes ready to serve the jungle communities. In order to keep the high demand of flights without interruption, it is necessary to cover our operating and maintenance costs. However, most of the families in the jungle, who demand more help, are unable to cover these costs because they are living in extreme poverty condition.

A similar situation occurs with our mission flights. Even though, they have a comprehensive results, it is a significant expense.

Each flight on average has an operating and maintenance cost of $ 400.00.

Missionary house

Our missionaries should have a place where to stay in their fields as they will remain there for at least one year that is why we anticipate the construction of small accommodations located next to the temples.

The materials and designs of these small accommodations will be the same as those of the communities and they have an investment of $ 4000.00.