Who are we?



Peru Projects, Inc. is a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist church in the Amazon Basin of Peru. Over 200,000 square miles of dense, inhospitable rainforest comprise our territory. Roads are few and the challenges of survival are fierce. Here, treacherous, winding rivers consume large quantities of time, resources and even lives. This creates formidable obstacles for the jungle traveler. Piranha and crocodile infested lakes and rivers form the highways of the jungle. A typical trip by boat or land can take days, while the same trip may take one hour or less by airplane.


Mission statement

The mission of Peru Projects is to promote spiritual and physical well-being among the Peruvian populations through air support, evangelism, education, health outreach and other charitable, educational and religious activities.



In 1997, the Piedmont Park Seventh-day Adventist church in Lincoln, Nebraska, took on the challenge of reopening the Yarinacocha air program in support of the East Peru Mission of Seventh-day Adventists in the Amazon Basin. This effort was driven by many former missionaries including pilots, pastors, doctors and nurses from all over the United States, many who had served in the jungles of the upper Amazon rain forest. In support of this vision, Peru Projects Inc. (PPI) was founded.


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