We are very excited for the opportunity to work with your group in serving Christ. There is still much to be done. While the possibilities vary depending on your size and interests, we can work together to help the people of Perú. Feel free to send us questions or comments. Whether you have scheduled plans with us or are just becoming interested, please keep in close contact.

Type of Work


Spreading the Gospel to the far-reaching areas of the jungle is our Great Commission. You can serve the Lord through evangelistic series, children’s meetings, home visits and Bible studies.

Medical & Dental Clinics

Medical and dental care is greatly needed in the jungle. Your medical team can assist in mobile clinics, health education, dental repair and dental extractions.

Building Project

While the Gospel spreads and Adventist congregations grow, there is a need for new churches. Your team can provide the many hands needed to build them.

Location Opportunities
Need to Know Information