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    It is best to bring your own translator because good ones are difficult to acquire. We can usually find one from Lima for a fee. Please let us know well in advance if you have the need.


    You can deposit money into our US bank account, and we can purchase your roundtrip tickets from Lima to Pucallpa. For a small additional fee, a travel agent will meet you at the airport in Lima and help you get to your hotel.

    While international flights usually allow two checked bags, domestic flights in Peru will require a fee for more than one. Domestic flights also have strict weight restrictions: 55 lbs (25 kg) for checked bags and 17.6 lbs (8 kg) for carry-on items. Check their websites for details because these can vary without notice.


    It is very important to bring pristine American bills. Peruvian banks and money exchange houses are very picky and will not accept bills that have bad creases, tears, marks, folds, or contain writing. Please order your bills in advance. Twenty-dollar bills are preferred. American dollars can easily be exchanged in Pucallpa. As of October 2012, the exchange rate was 2.59 Peruvian Soles for 1 American Dollar.


    The air base runs almost completely on 220 volts. If you need to charge camera batteries or other electronics, please bring a 220 v to 110 v converter. The standard Peruvian outlet is a Type-C European 2-pin (4 mm), but some outlets also accept American style plugs without the ground plug. For more details, visit


    We want your friends and family to see the work you are doing for Christ. Bring digital cameras and capture this life-changing experience. We would also like to keep volunteer photos and add them to our website. When possible, we will upload photos of your group during the various projects.

    More Info

    There is always a great need for dental repairs and dental extractions.
    Most medicines and supplies can be purchased locally for approximately $250 per week/doctor.
    We have a projector for group on the air base.
    A nice church can be built for about $4,000, and a jungle chapel can be built for about $2,000.
    Simple Bibles can be purchased locally for $3.50.
    We will provide clean drinking water for your group, but it would be wise to bring some chemical treatments or a filtration system for emergency situations.
    We can suggest a number of free time activities during appropriate times.