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    Location Opportunities

    Evangelism / Medical Outreach – Villages

    For smaller groups willing to “rough it,” going to one of the villages out on one of the rivers can be a wonderfully rewarding experience. Being deeper in the jungle gives you more access to people that have not heard the gospel and who are unable to be treated for their various medical/dental needs.

    Our Bible workers in the chosen district can make necesary arrangements and compliment your work or work directly with you to share Christ or coordinate education and treatment of patients. Though village accomodations offer less amenities and more difficult living conditions, many in the jungle have extra needs.

    We gladly aid in coordinating transportation, mosquito nets, a generator (if requested), clean drinking water and a vegetarian cook (vegan upon request).

    Air Base

    The home of our operations, the air base lends itself to larger groups. There are still many needs nearby, including evangelistic, medical/dental and building projects.

    We can make arrangements to oversee/assist in the work on or off the property. The base is on the outskirts of Pucallpa. Work can be accomplished there as well.

    The facility and services include: dormitories and restrooms/showers for groups, beds (please provide your own sheets) and mosquito nets, access to Pucallpa and other services, electricity to charge electronic devices (220 v), access to phones, bottled drinking water, vegetarian cooks (vegan upon request) and greater comfort in regards to heat and insects.