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We would like to discover your Peru Projects testimony. We want to know how the Lord is blessing in other areas of our ministry. Has the Lord inspired you to give? Has He inspired you to pray more often or to get involved?


Ever since I returned from Guyana and my introduction to mission aviation seven years ago, I have always wondered, "God, why do I hold a commercial pilot's license?" God had clearly called my family to Guyana. We were excited to follow God's leading, even though it was tough following in the foot steps of my oldest brother, who had given his life for his love of God and aviation. For years I had sat on the sideline reading of the needs for mission aviators, always asking the question, "God, are you calling me?"

The question came up again last December. I came home from work and sat down with a pile of mail. As I looked over the Adventist World Aviation newsletter, an article on the back page entitled "A Needle in a Hay Stack" caught my attention. It described the challenges of finding people with both the qualifications and willingness to work in mission aviation. "Lord, are you calling me?" I thought as I read through the article written by the wife of Beto, the pilot for Peru Projects.

Sabbath morning I woke up with Peru still heavy on my heart. As I cleaned up the breakfast dishes, I prayed, "Lord, if you want us in Peru make it clear, if not, remove this thought from my mind." After early church, I was standing in the lobby waiting for Odil when Steven Grabiner of OCI walked out of the Sanctuary and directly over to me.  He didn't waste any time, asking, "Are you a pilot?" He then told me Peru Projects needed me to fly for them. Little did he know of my prayer session that very morning.

When God calls, you will know it. He has a personal plan for each of us. Not all of us are called to go overseas. All He wants is for us to follow His leading. I am not inviting you to Peru. That is where God has calling our family. God may have you right where He wants you. Are you actively working for Him in the situation He has put you in? Have you heard Him asking you to do more for Him? Are you willing to do it, even if it is way outside your comfort zone?

June 2008 - excerpt from his original article
Orville Donesky, Pilot

- - -

During my first Sabbath while serving aboard our launch, we had the opportunity to eat with the Adventists in Puerto Enrique. While no physical Adventist church exists there, the love the believers have for Christ is very strong. Whatever they lacked, they made up in love, kindness and service. Despite the hardships of living in the jungle, they stayed positive by living for Christ.

The Sabbath lunch was a potluck meal. The believers, despite their meager incomes, gave us a feast. We had plenty of food, and they even prepared special vegetarian dishes for Kristin, Linda and me. While far from being rich, we were greatly blessed by their extravagant generosity.

I was truly blessed that Sabbath seeing Christ in action. As the widow in the Bible gave what little she had, so the Adventists of Puerto Enrique gave us their whole-hearted gifts. Seeing them in action gives me the desire to be a better servant—more willing to help and give of my time. As the apostle James confirms, genuine Christians are appointed to look after the needs of others. Whether living in the jungles of Perú or in main street USA, let’s follow Christ’s example and serve.

December 2008
Kevin Attride, Communications Volunteer