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Prayer List

Urgent or New Prayer

Pastor Rosendo will be traveling to Purus and Nueva Italia in a couple of days. Pray that the hearts of the people he visits will be opened to God's love.

Health Ministry
We praise the Lord for Robinson and Paola, the new leaders of the health ministry. As the school is coming together and the garden is growing, please pray forthis ministry and for the lives it will change.

Future Students
Pray that the Lord would guide our future students and show us how to spread the word about the school. Some of our ideas are to bake bread for the campmeeting that is coming up in July, and put on health/evangelistic seminars in the local villages.

Bakery Equipment
We need to find equipment for our new bakery and funds to purchase.

Upcoming Campmeeting
End of this July, the mission will be holding a campmeeting for small groups here at the base. There are supposed to be 1,000 people, including delegations from our district, coming to learn more about small group bible studies.

Bible Worker Health
Isabel is the wife of our bible worker Eli, working in the Iparia district. Recently she has developed a problem with her eye that might need an operation to correct. Please pray for her health and their ministry in the jungle.

Our Columbian missionaries need to renew their visas again. In the past they have only been able to get visas for a couple of months at a time.

Continued Prayer

Tractor and Container
We are hopefully awaiting a response from the Peruvian government for approval.  We were told they’d write this week. Please pray with us, most things don’t happen in a timely matter here.

Bible workers and their families
That God would grant them with both physical and spiritual health as they live in the jungle and share the good news with the people in their respective districts. We also pray for the ability to send out more bible workers and reach other districts with God’s love.

Jungle Runways
The Peruvian aviation authority closed access to all unauthorized airstrips two years ago. There is hope that we may be able to get special permission.  We pray that the government will recognize the effect that their decision has on the welfare of the villagers and grant us permission to again fly to these strips for the benefit of all.

Our brothers and sisters in the jungle
That the flame God ignites in them, through the discipleship of the Bible workers, will grow and spread like wildfire.  We pray for those who are struggling or discouraged, that they may find strength and encouragement as they draw near to the One who has all the solutions.

Those yet in darkness
That they will hear the message of hope and accept God as there own.


Please check back weekly.

Prayer list Updated: June 6, 2014